Comets top Philip in last-second 14B victory

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Later, it's Philip crashing the 14B nets,
Taking on the Rapid City Christian Comets.
Philip gets it started, drawing first blood,
Scott Rafter with the feed to one of his buds,
Wynn Schaack takes the jumper and knocks down the j.
Powering the Scotties to the first points of the game.
Later in the first, Philip adding another decree,
The cross-court pass to Dalton Kinsley,
And Kinsley showing his nerves are stead-y,
Using a three to increase his teams lead.
Christian having trouble at the start of the race,
But Tim Ward grabs the rebound and with a blistering pace,
Flies to the other side of the court,
And lays in the lay-up, I'm happy to report.
Scoring was at a premium in the first quarter of action,
And it's Christian taking this one in Comet-type fashion.