Comets and Cobblers collide in tennis

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Toward the end of next week, South Dakota's top tennis players will find themselves in Sioux Falls for the State Tennis Tournament.
Monday afternoon, the Central Cobblers broke out the racquets against Rapid City Christian.

Out to the Parkview Complex for number one doubles action, Central's Charlie Perry and Jaxon Thorson against Christian's Noah Johnson and David Greni.
Comets in the far court, Perry focuses in on Greni, then switches it up and unloads on Johnson, who is unable to come up with a return. Point Cobblers.
Very breezy day, as Perry steps behind the service line, and Thorson takes care of the rest with the serve-and-volley putaway.
Switching sides as the Cobblers take the first set as Thorson squirts one just underneath the racquet of Greni for another Cobblers' point.
The Comets battling, with Thorson serving in the far court, Greni with the backhand putaway for a Rapid City Christian point.