Cobblers outlast Scoopers on the mat

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A West River powerhouse for years, the Sturgis Scoopers were the standard for area grapplers, but gradually, the Central Cobblers have worked their way into the conversation and squared off against their Scooper counterparts in duel action Thursday.
A tight team race down at Naasz Gym as we make our way to the middle weights.
152 pounds, Sturgis' Bailey Brengle against Tanner Skaare of Central, Brengle scoops up a bunch of back points, but Skaare is able to spin off of his back to pick up a point, but Brengle gets the 13-to-5 decision.
160 pounds, Sturgis Jake Sailer facing Central's Wyatt Jungclaus, Sailer with the wicked cross face, folds up the Cobbler into the dreaded cradle and picks up a couple backpoints just as the period expires. Sailer leadin 7-nothing at that point.
Later in the match, Jungclaus trying to battle his way back, the shot, then reshot and the Cobbler gets a leg, dragging Sailer to the mat for the takedown. But Sailer gets the 9-to-5 win.
170-pounds, former Athlete of the Week Kolby Kost against Sturgis' Taylor Coffield and Kost with the quick reversal and just muscles Coffield to his back, scoops up the arms and gets the pin.
Central gets the win. Final Score 38 to 28.