Chieftains secure spot in LNI championship

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The McLaughlin Mustangs shocked everyone but themselves in the quarterfinal round of the Lakota Nation Invitational boys' basketball tournament.
Taking on the top-seeds from Red Cloud, the Mustangs engineered a 74 to 72 upset and set about notching a spot in tomorrow night's championship showdown, with a win over Crow Creek.
Break out the spirit fingers for late first half action between the Chieftains and Mustangs.
McLaughlin in transition, William Brownotter pushes it to Lex Farrell who launches and hits the corner three.
Crow Creek has an answer, Joe Sazue the third misses the three, but Josiah Blue Arm is there for the rebound and the putback.
Crow Creek back to work, off the missed jumper, Blue Arm with great hustle to save this one and gets it to Trevin McBride and the freshman hits the three.
McLaughlin on the move, Donovan Two Lance fakes, then drives to the hoop and gets it to go.
Before I have the chance to settle back in Sazue delivers with the dagger three.
Crow Creek cruises to the win in the second half. Final Score 72 to 45.