Cavaliers stamp ticket to State Tournament

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The Saint Thomas More girls are on the fast track to the State Girls' Basketball tournament.
With just one hurdle remaining, the Lady Cavs hit the court against Cheyenne-Eagle Butte in Sweet Sixteen play.

Out to Sturgis and we'll pick it up in the first half of action.
Cavaliers on the move, Klaire Kirsch with the steal, she'll keep it herself as she gets the lay-in at the other end.
More from the Cavaliers, Dru Gylten cards the steal, then pushes it up to Jayden Bies for another STM lay-in.
Cavaliers smothering with that defense, another steal, Kayla Jacobson misses, but Aislinn Duffy is there to clean up the mess. Saint Thomas More opening up an 18-point-lead.
Still not finished, Kirsch feeding Bies for another Cavalier two.
Cheyenne-Eagle Butte struggling against the defense.
Saint Thomas More muscles its way to the State Tournament with the 54 to 11 win.