Cavaliers sign letters of intent

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The Saint Thomas More Cavaliers celebrated two more of their top athletes signing national letters of intent.
Jake Satter will be headed to Los Angeles to attend Biola University, a Division-Two Christian University, while Tayton Maher will play for Catholic School Presentation College in Aberdeen.
Maher says, 'Obviously, I'm going to have to get bigger, faster, and stronger, because it's a higher level of play. And the game just speeds up so much more. Just like I did in high school: keep shooting, keep getting in basketball workouts. Make sure my skill development is always where it needs to be. I guess my main focus is going to physically and mentally to get bigger and stronger, but also get mentally prepared for that upper, next level.'>
Jake plans to major in Computer Science, while Tayt will major in American Studies with an eye toward Law School.