Cavaliers pound out win over Christian

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Out to the Hart Ranch for all of the cheers
The Comets against the Saint Thomas More Cavaliers.
We start things off with Rapid City Christian
David Schmagel to Zane Schlabach who found himself on the mission.
Backs down the defender and into the paint
With a strong move to the basket that wasn't that quaint.
STM counters, Kale Landguth sends it down to the corner where it will stop,
Caden Casey cans the three, getting it to drop.
More from the Cavs with a defense harassing,
Connor Hollenbeck intercepts the ball the Comets were passing,
up ahead to Casey with a step on the field,
Looking to get Rapid City Christian to yield.
The Cavs keep it moving as they buckle down meaner,
Casey to Ryder Kirsch who finishes the leaner.
The Cavs double up in an STM win,
Who now wait for the Round of 16 to begin.