Cavalier boys fall to Scoopers

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The Sturgis boys have quietly amassed an impressive 9-and-3 record on the high school hardwood, while the Saint Thomas More boys have turned it on of late, running off their last five in a row.
Thursday, the Scoopers and Cavaliers collided on S-T-M's home turf.
A fantastic battle in the second quarter between these two competitors.
Sturgis on the move, Cedrick Stabber drives and the nice dish to Nick Anderson for the easy two.
STM to work, Ryder Kirsch posting up Connor Crane, couldn't guard him any better as Kirsch hits.
Stur, Ryan Garland rebound. Stabber over to Crane who cans the three.
Just how they drew it up.
STM unfazed, Kirsch on Crane, again. What does a guy have to do?!
Moments later, Sturgis counters, Garland drives to the rack and scores.
STM Kirsch pushing it up the court, nice feed to Joe Poeppel.
But Sturgis gets the win. Final Score 54 to 44.