Canyon Lake goes home as Harney advances to the District Tournament

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In the 'A' Bracket, Canyon Lake needing the win over Harney to advance.

Harney has the 3-0 lead in the top of the 2nd. Canyon Lake's Brady Bickett deals to Sam Mortimer. The ball bounces back to Bickett, who goes to 2nd on the fielders choice, allowing Isaac Phillips to score.

Lee Neugebauer doing his part for Harney as he strikes out Dane Danley looking to end the inning.

Moving on to the top of the 4th inning, now 8-0 Harney. Two more runs win the game. Harney's Blaine Bolton with the bases loaded, knocks the ball through the gap into right field, and Harney gets the two-runs they needed. 10-nothing Harney over Canyon Lake to force the double elimination game.

And here we have it, game 2, winner takes all.
In the bottom of the 2nd, Harney leads it 4-2. The bases are loaded as Lee Neugebauer walks Brady Bickett, allowing Kade Walker to score. Canyon Lake not going down easy.

Same inning, now tied at 4 with 1 out as Dane Danley hits to the fence in right center field. Brady Bickett and Aaron Robertson come in to score to put Canyon Lake in the 6-4 lead.

Harney keeping it close though as we move to the top of the third inning. Dane Danley on the mound for Canyon Lake. He deals to Kaleb Merchen, who shoots the gap up the middle and Luke Peterson slides into home to put Harney within 1.

In the top of the 4th, 6-7 Canyon Lake. Kade Walker now on the mound. Harney's Neugebauer finds the ditch in the pitcher's mound, and the ball takes an awkward hop into the outfield. Zeke Farlee and Luke Peterson score as Harney retakes the lead. 8-7.

Harney would light up for a big 5th inning, and come up with the win, 14-7 the final score as Harney advances to the District tournament.