Bull Riders help kick off annual Stock Show

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It's that time of year again, when the best cowboys and cowgirls across the nation make their way to the Black Hills for the annual Stock Show and Rodeo.
The Suttons wasting no time bringing the excitement with the Extreme Bulls event.
Out to the Barnett Arena we go, first round of action.
Hermosa's Dakota Rice in for a wild ride. This is not the way you want to get off the back of the bull. Obviously no score.
De Smet cowboys Andy Coughlin with a much different result. Hangs on for the eight seconds and picks up an 83 for the efforts, the first qualified ride of the night. And it's a good one.
Pleasanton, Nebraska's Bart Miller trying to match or better that score. Solid outing there as Miller will ride to the eight second buzzer. Judges will give him a 77 on the ride.
Another tough out for Honeyville, Utah's Tyler Bingham, comes out the side door but that bull leaves him something to remember him by as he gets trampled before he's able to make his way out safely. No score for him.
Onto Tristan Mize from Bryan Mize. His bull sputters a bit in the middle of the ride so that would cost him some points, but Mize sticks with it. He'll get a 76 and a reride option for his troubles.
The Extreme Bulls ride again Friday night.