Brett Lamb, Black Hills State football looking to tackle Leukemia

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) The Black Hills State football team is used to fighting for victory on the field. This year's squad of Yellow Jackets have been able to keep that fight in perspective as they watch teammate Brett Lamb battle for his life.

Brett Lamb's girlfriend wears a #Brettstrong shirt, Lamb played football for Black Hills State last year and is currently battling Leukemia (KEVN)

Watching this year's BHSU football team you will see them in their traditional green and gold, however, a closer look will show something else unites this team

"Whatever Brett could do he would be here in a heartbeat but we all know it can be taken away in an instant." says, John Reiners, head coach, Black Hills State football

Doing offseason workouts Lamb began to feel tired.

"We always say we are in a battle as a team, but he is in the ultimate battle, a battle for his life." added, Reiners

After months of tests and visits to the doctor, Brett Lamb had answers--Leukemia

Lamb's roommate and fellow Linebacker has vivid memories learning of his best friend's diagnosis

" I remember it like it was yesterday," says Hunter Stephens, BHSU LB

At first Stephens' didn't believe what he was hearing

" My first instinct was bro stop playing with me. Then I noticed his voice started cracking and he was starting to tear up. My heart just sunk" says, Stephens

Lamb is now back in his home state of Texas as he fights a battle bigger than the gridiron

" It really hurts not having him on the field with us, but I know he has another fightback there in Texas and he's kicking its butt." added, Stephens

"He's been a part of what we are, even though he isn't here physically he is still here with us all the time." added, Reiners

Brett's coach and roommate continually talk what a great guy Brett is, and when Lamb returns to Spearfish from San Antonio, his best friend will be eager to greet him

" I'm going to hug him and tell him I love him" says, Stephens