Black Hills State shuts out Western State with the 40-0 win on Saturday

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Out to Lyle Hare Stadium, the Yellow Jackets have been struggling with field goals recently, but Black Hills State had a kicker on Saturday!
On the 46 yard field goal attempt, Trey Fleming knocks it down, and the Yellow Jackets go up 3-nothing.

And here he goes again, this time on the 53 yard attempt. And Fleming sends it through the uprights. It's good for another 3 to put Black Hills State in the 6-nothing lead.

With about 2 minutes to go in the 1st quarter, Western State punting it away, but the ball is snapped over Garrett Boyd's head, and he's taken down by a swarm of Yellow Jackets at the 12 yard line. Black Hills State wouldn't score on the following drive.

On to the 2nd quarter, 9-nothing BH, and the Yellow Jacket defense kept the pressure through the whole game. Easton Bruere goes to the sky, and Drew Hebel commits robbery on the interception. He takes off the other way, 65 yards for the pick 6. Black Hills State goes on to get the shutout win, 40-0.