Black Hills State football comes back 28 points in home opener

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Fans packed Lyle Hare Stadium for the Yellow Jackets home opener Saturday afternoon.
But, this game didn't start out so hot for Black Hills State. The Grizzles with the 10-3 lead as we join this game in the 1st quarter, and Adams State's Corey Brown runs it in from 7 yards out. The extra point puts the Grizzlies up 14.

In the 2nd quarter, and not much changes. On the 3rd and 5, Jorge Hernandez finds Ziere Banner for the 38 yard touchdown catch and run. That'll be 7 more for Adams State.

The Grizzlies keep it coming in the 1st half, as Hernandez launches it to Chad Hovasse who picks up 37 yards on the play before being brought down on the 14 yard line.

Shortly after, Hernandez sends the bullet to James Holtrop who fights his way in for another Grizzly touchdown. The extra point puts Adams State up 31-3.

But don't sleep on Black Hills State. After Phydell Paris bullies his way into the red zone, the Yellow Jackets have the ball on the 2 yard line, and Paris takes the hand off into the end zone for the touchdown. That'll be a 7-point play.

The Yellow Jackets are buzzing now! As Jared Tiefenthaler finds Hernandez and throws him down for the sack. Adams State would have to punt it away.

Momentum is shifting in Spearfish. The Yellow Jackets back with the ball on the 21 yard line with just over a minute remaining in the half. Ryan Hommel has time, finds Phydell Paris cutting, and he brings it in for his 2nd touchdown. It's 17-31 Adams State at half.

I had to leave, but our very own Jack Caudill came to save the day... this video from him... we're in double overtime people! The game's tied at 41, and the Lineman ,Jared Tiefenthaler, punches it in from 1 yard out to win the game!
The Yellow Jackets get the win in incredible fashion 47-41 the final score.