Athletes of the week: Marle Wendland and Autumn Beliveau

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Marle Wendland and Autumn Beliveau are two teenage boxers from Spearfish who are looking to deliver a jab to the best the United States has to offer the two are trained by their coach Stoney Kilmer who himself had over a 100 career boxing matches and was trained by a name well known in the boxing world.

Stoney Kilmer says, 'It means a lot its a representation of what I teach, what I learned is from one of the greatest trainers in the world, Kenny Weldon from Houston Texas. He trained 15 world champions and 3 Olympians from scratch.'

The girls have learned a lot from their coach but like any good team the girls have also learned from one another.

Autumn Beliveau says, "Well she's very good at what she does and it just shows you got to put in the time and effort to excel."

Marle Wendland says, " Pretty much just to work hard for what I want. She's very dedicated and its something to look up to."

The two pugelists will be looking to showcase those skills at the 2017 Elite and Youth National Championships in early December in Salt Lake City, Utah

Kilmer says, " There are a lot of people going to be there but for us to get specially invited its a big deal. Just means we are getting our name noticed, we're getting out there and thse girls have olympic dreams, thats what we're working towards."


Kilmer says, " Its an opportunity to get ranked in the top 10 in the United States. The girls that will be competing will be in the top 10 in the United States, and its a ranking system so we should come back ranked in the top 10 of the United States."

Facing the top talent the country has to offer will serve as a learning experience but doesn't have the local talent worried.

Autumn says, "It will just show us what we need to prepare for and what we need to expect for next time. I don't have any doubt that we're not going to do good."

Stoney says, "Marle, her very first bout was at the world tournament and it was a girl on the USA traveling team that we didn't even know at hte time. We went out htere and put 3 rounds of whooping on her. So it felt pretty good."

And for Marle being able to go toe-to-toe with the best there is, is a rewarding experience.

"It's a pretty good feeling it feels good to have all your hard work pay off especially since you spend hours in the gym."

Best of luck to Marle and Autumn in their bouts and congratulations on being this weeks Powerade Athletes of the week.

For Black Hills Fox Sports. I'm Jeff Voss.