Athletes of the week: Marle Wendland & Autumn Beliveau

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In November we introduced to two local boxers who were gearing up to look to punch their way into the national scene.
Stoney Kilmer coach champion's choice boxing says, ' Really to see if we belong. I believe they belong i know I've been in boxing long enough but they really found out the truth that they belong there.'
And belong they did as Autumn Beliveau is ranked number 4 in the nation and marle Wendland is now the number 2 boxer in their respective weigh classes by the US Olympic committee
Kilmer says, ' The dedication and the commitment you put into it just makes it more worthwhile when you get those kind of results. Being ranked second and fourth just makes me believe and them believe that Olympic dreams are obtainable.'
For Wendland who's only loss in the tournament in Salt Lake was to the number 1 girl in the world who hasn't lost a single bout in her career.
Kilmer says, ' Citlalli Ortiz who we have the upmost respect for just the nicest people. Never lost a bout she's won all of her international bouts and we went in there and banged for 3 rounds.'
Marle Wendland says, ' I was proud of myself, it was difficult and its been something I've been training a long time for.'
Beliveau dropped her first bout in a split decision but still left a last impression on those who until that moment didn't put Spearfish, SD on the map for boxing
Autumn Beliveau says, ' It's kind of exciting just to know that I come from a small town but that doesn't define what I can do.'
but those small town girls are dreaming big of Tokyo in 2020 and have the advantage of being able to train together.
Wendland says, ' Its super fun we get along really good and we have lots of good times but we also know how to work hard and train together and we work really well together.'
Beliveau says, ' Its great we can kind of motivate each other and push each other.'
But to get ready for Tokyo that motivation and training is going to step into overdrive.
Kilmer says, ' Probably more than they think is coming. I mean they train 25 hours a week now, we might have to bump that up to 30 hours a week or more now.'
To prepare for Tokyo the girls will be leaving for another tournament this time in New Mexico and both have their goals set for what they would like to accomplish
Believeau says, ' I want to win. I want to make it into the finals and I want to win.'
Wendland says, " I just want to be in better shape and do better than I did last time. And hopefully I'll get to fight the same girl and win this time.'
Congratulations again to Autumn Believeau and Marle Wendland on being this week's athletes of the week.

For Black Hills Fox Sports I'm Jeff Voss.