Athlete of the week: Tanner Good

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4 years ago Tanner Good laced up his skate to try-out for the Rushmore Thunder Boys Varsity team, and since that day he hasn't left the blue line.

Dick Novak says, "Tanner is a competitor. Solid, excellent skater. Been with the program for four years"

smaller in stature Good's coaches didn't think he would live up to his last name but as they say you can't measure heart

Novak says,"when he first stepped up we weren't really all that sure he would play varsity right away, but he played varsity from the get go and Tanner has just been a huge assest to Rushmore hockey."

Those 4 years of varsity experience paid off this year as Coach Novak put the C on the chest of Good.

Novak says, " Pretty easy honestly. 4 years with the program been a big part of it. Regular player all the time. Gives it his best. Quiet but a leader, and really gives it his all on the ice. And that's to me what a captain really embodies."

For Good being able to wear the C for the Thunder is honor he doesn't take lightly.

Tanner Good says, " It's really important to me. That's alwasy been a goal of mine is to be the Captain. and its a big responsability so I just have to step up an make sure everyone is doing their part."

and now that Good is Captain he knows there is more on his plate for this season, but it's a challange he is ready to face.

Good says, " To be a bigger part towards the team than I have been in the past years. Especially since I'm captain this year. I have a lot more respsonsability to step up and take things into my own hands."

This may be Good's last season as a member of the Rushmore Thunder and Novak believes Good will judge his success by how the team ends their year.

Novak says, " I just hoope our team reaches our goals for Tanner. I think that's what's most important to him. "

For a player who was underestimated when he first walked through the door, Good has became the gold standard for the Rushmore Thunder.

Novak says, " I think his hard work, his work ethic. He is a team player too. Tanner comes to do what's best for Rushmore Hockey. And that's what I hope all kids would understand there role is to do whatever the team asks them to do."

Congratulations to Tanner Good on being this week's Powerade Athlete of the Week.
For Black Hills Fox Sports, I'm Jeff Voss.