Athlete of the week: Sage Hagen

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Randy Hagen says, ' Track was just the type of sport that he gravitated towards.'

Sage Hagen grew up in the halls of Rapid City Central.

David Dolan says, ' I've actually known him since he was a little kid. He's wanted to be a Cobbler his whole life has worked for that. And we're glad to have him here.'

and now as a senior Hagen has rewrote the Central record book,but has his sights set on the state records as well.

Dolan says, ' he not only qualified for State but he set a new school record moved into the third spot all time in triple jump in the state. I think his goals are even beyond that.'

Sage Hagen says, ' I like to kind of keep that stuff under wraps but I'd like to PR and the state record is for sure in my sights.'

Randy Hagen says,' He's got that on his mind and everything we've been doing for the past 4 years has been to pursue that goal.'

and those goals are within reach for the Senior who brings a secret weapon with him to each meet.

Sage Hagen says, ' oh definitely that's the biggest thing. If i didn't have my hair i wouldn't be flying like I do.'

and with goals in mind Sage and his hair could soar to distances never before seen in South Dakota high school track.

Dolan says, ' I think his goal is to go over 48 feet, maybe even beyond.'

Sage was motivated after making a trip to Oregon over the summer and not finding the same success in those meets,

Randy says, ' He ended up placing fourth at that meet, he was a little disappointed. Sometimes when you have a meet that doesn't go your way, you have to re-evaluate what you are doing.'

Sage says, ' It wasn't the turnout I wanted we showed some promise with big jumps. Weren't able to pull it out at the end.'

Now back at Central, its not simply a hop, skip and jump for Hagen either.

Dolan says, ' They create some competition among themselves. They are pushing each other.'

and pushing his fellow Cobblers is another thing that soars Sage above the competition.

Sage says, ' The biggest things is it doesn't matter your skill level. We don't have phenomenal skill but we have phenomenal will.'

and for Sage one of the biggest compliments he can get, not only comes from his coach, but family.

Dolan says, ' He's excited for track and field if you go watch a meet he's out there, he's getting excited he's pumping up his teammates, himself and the crowd.'
Randy says, ' I've coached for 39 years I'd have to say he is probably the hardest worker that I've ever had the opportunity to coach, not just because he's my grandson but everything I've asked him to do, he's done.'

Congratulations to Sage Hagen on being this week's Athlete of the week.

For Black Hills Fox, I'm Jeff Voss