Athlete of the week: Phebie Rossi

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RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) Phebie Rossi says "I feel like I bring a lot of energy. I try to be the big hype person on the court because I think it is fun.

Marlee Schneider says, 'It is awesome, she is such a fun and energetic person, and really gets our team going which is awesome.'

Not only does Phebie Rossi bring plenty of energy to her team. She also brings height.

Rossi says, ' I don't feel that tall until I see some of the other teams and I'm like oh wow I guess I am a little bit taller than you guys. I don't really let it factor in I want to play the same way whether I"m 6'2" or 5'2" I just want to play big.'

Playing big also allows Rossi to give her team a big moment.

Schneider says, ' It is a great feeling. When you are in the middle of a tight game, and a ball that goes straight down it gives your team so much energy.'

Rossi wasn't always an energy source for the Raiders as she started her high school career at Saint Thomas More

Rossi says, ' I saw the Stevens Raider Volleyball team and I knew I wanted to be a be a part of such a great team and I knew the academics were very good here and would help set me up for success in college.'

Rossi was welcomed with open arms, but the middle hitter didn't come alone.

Rossi says, ' Actually they were very accepting. I came in with my setter Marlee so both us became new here and transferred in together. We made great connections with our whole team and I feel like this is a tight-knit group of girls.

Schneider says,' It was awesome. First got to play with her in the club season before I got here.'

For Marlee, despite the years of playing volleyball together one of the biggest memories this former Wildcat will have of Rossi will be time together away from the game

Scheider says, ' I still live in Custer even though I transferred. So probably just all the memories from staying at her house.'

Congratulations to Phebie Rossi for being this week's athlete of the week. Jeff Voss Black Hills Fox Sports