Athlete of the week: Lexus Eagle Chasing

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Head Coach Michael Brooks says, ' Lexus is a shooter.'

Lexus Eagle Chasing is coming off a career high in a last minute addition to the schedule against Saint Thomas More.
but for Eagle Chasing the individual effort took a back seat to the team goal.

Lexus Eagle Chasing says, ' I just tried to focus in, I didn't want to lose at all. I just wanted to stay in there, keep the team in there, get each other shots and opportunities. '

And its that desire to win, and ability to put points on the board that makes Eagle Chasing an important assets to the Lady Raiders,

Brooks says , ' She makes so much happen on the offensive end, its one of the things we've talked a lot about look to be aggressive at all times, look for your shot, look to attack the rim, look to create things for this team. And when she does that it allows for us to be successful.'

And as Eagle Chasing goes, so do the Raiders,

Brooks says, ' We want to get her the ball we want her to be in attack mode all the time, we want her to be cognizant though that she leads us by that tempo'

but its just the offensive end of the court where Eagle Chasing showcases her skills.

Brooks says, ' And then defensively she gets her hands on so many balls, deflections, steals, which in turn leads to easy baskets for us on the other end.'

While Eagle Chasing showcases her talent on both end of the court her focus remains on the team, and their goals.

Eagle Chasing says, ' Its nice to help the team stick in there, then I can create open shots for everybody, and start getting everyone open shots, and to win the game.'

Eagle Chasing play on the court is not only catching the eye of Coach Brooks,

Brooks says, ' She definitely shows by her actions and I think that's what college coaches have seen about her and love about her is that she brings her best forward every single day. '

Meanwhile Eagle Chasing has her goals still sit on this season,

Eagle Chasing says, ' Successful season, just trying to win.'

And that winning will continue to come for the Lady Raiders beyond the hot shooting and play of Eagle Chasing,

Brooks says, ' You look at what she did against Central the first time where she had 17 in the first half. She can get hot, and when she gets hot its over for the other team.'

Eagle Chasing will look to keep the ball rolling for the Lady Raiders as they begin to prepare for State AA postseason.

Congratulations to Lexus Eagle Chasing on being this week's athlete of the week,

For Black Hills Fox Sports, I'm Jeff Voss.