Athlete of the week: Kyla Sawvell

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Kyla Sawvell is the two-time defending champion in both the shot put and discus.

Kyla Sawvell says, ' It is really nerve-wracking to be like, oh she's won it the past two years. So I just have to pull something off really well to hopefully win it again.'

Karol Patterson says, ' Kyla handles targets well, she knows what it takes to get to the top of the podium she's been there twice now. Hopefully, she will accomplish it again this year and throw further than she has done in the previous years.'

To make it a three-peat the Wall thrower is keeping it simple.

Sawvell says, ' I'm really preparing on my shot put and discus to make sure I have my technique down and I'm still doing everything correct.'

Patterson says, ' Your biggest goal, of course, is for her to throw well. PR at every meet. And as far as her performing well and winning meets. That's just icing on the cake.'

and if Sawvell has her way, that cake will be iced in gold and the writing on it will be in the record book.

Karol Patterson says, ' Her big goal is to get the gold medal, the top throw from all three classes. My goal for her is to throw over 43 feet. Which she is very close to.'

Sawvell says, ' I want to get the state record which is 43"6'. I've been after that for a few years. And I've been after that for a few years but I haven't quite hit 43 yet. So we are hoping for something big at state.'

To accomplish those major goals the minor things will matter.

Sawvell says, ' Just not to overthink things because that is one of my biggest problems and just go out there and have fun.'

When the thoughts are kept simple the throw is far.

Sawvell says, ' You can tell that it was a good one just the snap of the ball of your wrist, or the discus coming off your hand just right.'

If everything goes just right this week, the Wall senior will see her herself atop the podium one last time, in two events, for the third time.

Congratulations to Kyla Sawvell on being this week's athlete of the week. And good luck in the upcoming state meet. I'm Jeff Voss for Black Hills Fox Sports.