Athlete of the week: Jordan Theisen

RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) Jordan Theisen says, "think it was 3rd grade and I raced against a friend of mine named Allie Ostrander and she is racing at Boise State right now"

"and she kicked my butt"

and that just sparked a fire.

That fire to run has now led Jordan Theisen to BHSU a place he knew nothing about.

Theisen says, ' Absolutely nothing actually. Coach Walkinshaw reached out and contacted me and my brother as well Jonah Theisen."

Jonah jumped on ship with the Jackets after a visit., but Jordan who didn't come along had other plans.

Theisen says,' Coach asked Jonah if we wanted to hop on board and he did. And I went to basic training. I want to focus on one thing at a time and I did.'

Jordan signed up for the National Guard. Being competitive Jordan joined some of his high school friends who already signed up for their fitness testing. After a few months, Theisen was asked by his mother what his future plans were.

Theisen says, "just spur of the moment. Which typically doesn't seem like how you would make a big decision like that but I think in the back of my mind I had ambitions that I wanted to do something a little different that would make me uncomfortable."

Being away from his twin, Jordan knew what his next move would be

Scott Walkinshaw says, 'Initially, he wasn't going to go to the school where his brother was. And then I think that changed when he went to the national guard and he spent that fall semester his freshman year in Oklahoma or wherever he was and I think he realized family was important.'

Theisen says, " I graduated December 1st from all my training and I got back home the 3rd and on the 4th I called Coach Walkinshaw and I said will you still take me? I know the semester starts in a month and I really want to join.'

Now a member of the Guards and the Jackets Cross Country team, there is one term that unites both.

Theisen says,' They always say one team one fight. So while I could have success as an individual on the cross country course or as an individual in my unit with the National Guard. What I do isn't significant to myself but towards my entire team. I just really like the phrase one team one fight that's what I go by with both National Guard and Cross Country running.'

A sentiment echoed by his coach.

Walkinshaw says, ' The strength of our team is our team.'

Coach Walkinshaw speaks highly of his talented junior, and he's not the only.

Walkinshaw says,' The military speaks highly of him and they are so thrilled that he is with them.'

Theisen is with his military brothers, his own brother, and his teammates.

Theisen says, ' That's kind of how I got out of training and transitioned into college. Coach helped me out with that and it all worked out well in the end.'

Congratulations to Jordan Theisen on being this week's athlete of the week. Jeff Voss. Black Hills Fox Sports.