Athlete of the week: Jeremy Weidmann

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Jeremy Weidmann was off and running early for the Cobblers and had 7 total TD's. Despite lighting up the scoreboard, Weidmann shines the light on those around him.

Jeremey Weidmann says, ' We had a lot of fun with it. Lineman and all my blockers were definitely the reason for it they worked. I just have to thank those guys for it. '

Weidmann's team approach and humility led to a big honor for the junior from his teammates.

Iverson says, ' He's always the first one to credit somebody else for his success. I think that's why his teammates love and led to him being voted Captain.'

Weidmann says, ' They do all the work so you just have to appreciate what they do for you. They do a lot of things un-noticed, I'm the one standing up here doing this but it is because of those guys standing back there.'

Weidmann is listed at 5'7 on the Cobbler roster, and despite the lack of physical stature, number 34 shows his sweetness on the field by playing with heart.

Weidmann says, ' Not the biggest guy on the field ever. I have one the biggest hearts out there. I try to get everyone energized and focused up and have a lot of fun with it.

Iverson says, ' Definitely one of the toughest guys on the team and the players know that. He's like the energizer bunny and keeps coming back for more.'

With an offense based on deception and misdirection --Weedy, as he is known by coaches, could continue to have big games despite having all eyes on him.

Iverson says, ' I told him this week what's it feel like to have a bullseye on your chest? He knew what I meant so he's going to have to carry out the fakes if he doesn't get the ball.'

Weidmann says, ' I'm just looking forward to getting closer with these guys. Playing close games competing with other teams across the state. We are the underdogs in just about every game and I think we like that.'

Congratulations to Jeremy Weidmann on being this week's athlete of the week. Jeff Voss, Black Hills Fox Sports.>