Athlete of the week: Jack Roisum

Kyle Courtney, head coach or Rapid City Christian Boys Basketball says ' But what makes him fun to coach is that he's a really hard worker as well. He leaves it all on the floor, plays defense hard. Good teammate so just a joy to coach.'

Kyle Courtney could talk up his super Sophmore Jack Roisum all day, however Roisum takes all that praise in stride and passes it off to others.

Jack Roisum, athlete of the week say, ' I love our team bonding and our team chemistry has been really good. I feel like we have each others back on and off the court. I feel like we are playing hard and we're playing for God playing to give him glory and its been a fun season so far.'

And Roisum had lots of fun and points in the Comets last game against Custer. Roisum went 7 for 7 from the 3 point line in the first half in rout to 27 point game perfomance

Courtney says, ' Well we've been kind of waiting for Jack to get going. Jack's a shooter he hadn't shot it too well yet from the permitar this year so we were hoping this would be a break out game.'

Roisum who has started for the Comets as a Freshman takes a humble approach to his big game.

Roisum says, ' It was a really cool experience the shots were feeling good my coach told to keep shooting the ball and I kept shooting the ball when I had the shot and it was going really well. It was a lot of fun.'

For Coach Courtney his job was made much easier in that game against Custer when his marksmen was locked in and hitting bulls eyes.

Courtney says, ' For Jack though, we knew he hit the first couple and we were really pushing our guards to get him the ball. You know you want to find the hot shooter. and you know credit to his teammates too. They found him in good areas to shoot the ball and he knocked them down.'

And despite that outstanding performance Roisum knows that the glory goes to the man upstairs and to no one individual is bigger than the entire team.

Roisum says, ' You always give your best, you always try to give your best for God. Play for the team, don't play for yourself. The more team minded you can get the better the outcome is going to be.'

And with Roisum only being a Sophomore his talents will continue to grow , and grow in ways that his Coach can seem him leaving his mark on the Comet program.

Courtney says, ' If he can continue to get stronger in the weight room continue to work on his consistency on shooting, he's already a good ball handler, a good driver of the ball. Just continue to prove all areas of his game. He could be one of the better players that Rapid City Christian has ever produced.'

Congratulations to Jack Roisum this week's Athlete of the week.

For Black Hills Fox Sports I'm Jeff Voss.