Athlete of the week: Erin Trohkimoinen

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Erin Trohkimoinen is the lone senior on the Rapid City Central Girls golf team, but that isn't the only reason her team mates look up to her, and if Trohkimoinen has her way, the rest of the state will be looking at her on the top of the podium at the end of the year. Black Hills Fox's Jeff Voss introduces you to this week's athlete of the week who aims to be better than par on the course, and the classroom.

Erin Trohkimoinen says, "it has been in in my family forever and I love it.'

Erin Trohkimoinen has also been a part of the Cobbler family forever.

Jeremy Noyes says, ' Erin has been with us since her 7th grade year.'

For those who follow High School golf Erin has been top flight golfer for years.

Noyes says, ' I'd say for the last 4 years when people think of Central golf they think of Erin.'

being the face of the Cobblers for many years earns high praise.

Noyes says, ' She is definitely the best girls golfer I've coached in my 11 years at Central.'

At last year's State golf tournament Trohkimoinen finished in the top 10 but that result hardly tells the story.

Noyes says, ' her 8th hole into the meet she had a 12 on a par 3.'

That's when the most crucial part of golf... the mental toughness took over.

Noyes says, ' Luckily got come into the club house and chat for a bit. Got over it pretty quickly and got back on track and had a heck of a finish to get into the top 10'

Now a senior the sights are set higher for Cobbler.

Trohkimoinen says, ' I want to win state.'

Noyes says, ' definitely obtainable for her going into the state golf meet there are a handful of kids that can win it. It's whoever puts together the best two days, and I'd say she would be in that handful of kids.'

And when State is ready to tee off keeping the game fun, and simple will hopefully bring in low scores.

Trohkimoinen says, ' Play like I'm playing with my best friends. It is important to do well, but I like to have fun.'

making new and best friends on the course comes easy for the cobbler ace

Noyes says, ' Erin carries herself in a great manner, not matter how she is playing. She is a kid that kids from other schools want to be in the same group as and she is just a joy to be around.

Now the senior reflects on her most memorable moment from waking the 18 all over South Dakota courses and it takes her back to where it all began.

Trohkimoinen says, ' I was in 7th grade, it was my first road trip going with 5 other seniors and I just remember that was the most fun on a road trip that I've ever had.'

Congratulations to Erin Trohkimoinen on being this week's athlete of the week. For Black Hills Fox Sports, I'm Jeff Voss.