Athlete of the week: Emilee Nickel

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Rapid City, SD ( KEVN-TV ) TJ Hay says, " Everyday at the end of practice she'll say one more, then she will get done and say one more, then one more. Next thing you know its 15 minutes later and she's still working on one thing.'

Emilee Nickel, ' I go everyday practically. And I usually stay after, one thing me and my coach talk about is, one more, one more. I'm the type of person that never wants to stop.'

And that one more mentality has pushed Central Junior to the top of the class AA 100 meter hurdles.

Nickel says, ' Last year everyone was how's it feel how's it feel. I couldn't put it into words, it was overwhelming but at the same it was what i worked for all season.'

Hay says, 'It was a great way for her to end her sophomore season. She ran the best she had all season at a perfect time.'

Nickel running her best at the end of the season didn't surprise her coach due to the work the junior puts in.

Hay says, ' I think that's how a perfectionists are and with her hurdle technique that's how she is if its not perfect she doesn't like it.'

Having a hurdler like Nickel is perfect for Hay to coach up the rest of the team as he wraps up basketball season.

Hay says, ' They respect what she did and listen and she's falling into that role really well even as a junior.'

Nickel says, ' We have so many new hurdlers, I like them being able to look up to me and can come to me for everything and help them out.'

While fellow Cobblers are looking up to Nickel the rest of the state was looking at her run away, Nickel edged crosstown rival Elizabeth Schaeffer in the state finals.

Nickel says, ' I'm honestly very nervous this year, because Lizzie is one of my biggest competitors and she's such an amazing athlete. Its different, but I like it. It gives me a drive.'

And staying on top is just one more thing that Nickel wants to prove.

Hay says, ' It's way harder to stay on the top than it is to get there. And if you are not willing to get better there is somebody knocking on the door and she knows that as well as anybody does.'

Congratulations to Emilee Nickel on being this week's athlete of the week. For Black Hills Fox Sports, I'm Jeff Voss