Athlete of the week: Dylan Richey

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Torve says 'Yeah he's been number 1 most of the year and he's earned that. So I just continue to look for big things from him.'

In big games. Post 22 goes to their Ace and his big arm to lead the team.

Kelvin Torve says, ' Well he competes doesn't matter if he has his best stuff or he's struggling out there. He's going to give you whatever he has and give you 100 percent of that.'

That effort from Dylan Richie comes from living a boyhood dream.

Dylan Richie says,' You come to these games as a little kid expecting maybe someday I will reach it and it is a dream coming all together. '

On America's birthday, the young righty is getting to put on a classic jersey that honors this country.

Richie says, 'It is an honor. I've always wanted to pitch in the stars and stripes uniforms and tomorrow night I will get a shot at that.'

Having Richie as the starting pitcher for those big games gives his coach confidence

Torve says, ' Very good feeling as a head coach knowing that he is going to be throwing strikes and is going to compete and any game he pitches we are going to be in.'

If the hardhats have the bats going Torve feels confident in his team when the final out is recorded.

Torve says, ' And if we hit the ball we should win. Anytime you have a guy like that, that can give you what he does its just a wonderful feeling.'

The wonderful feeling has been with number 28 after his last two outstanding outings including a no-hitter against Missoula, MT

Torve says, ' A no-hitter is always fun but his previous game against Creighton Prep he threw really well 6 and 1/3 innings against a team that was in the final four of the American Legion World Series last year and really gave our team a boost down in Omaha and here.'

Richie shares the credit for his no-hitter with those on the field with him.

Richie says, ' I just kept on pitching and let my guys behind me do most of the work. It ended up being 15 nothing so they did a lot of work.'
Richie is living out a boyhood dream but he isn't resting on it. as he continues to work on his craft
Richie says, ' I actually have a pitch that I've practiced for the past 3 years that no one has seen yet. Maybe it will happen this year. Maybe it won't.'
That new pitch could have opposing batters looking silly when it is thrown
Richie says, ' It changes around 60 mph difference from my fastball. Just a bit of insight there.'
Congratulation to Dylan Richie on being this week's athlete of the week. For Black Hills Fox Sports, I'm Jeff Voss