Athlete of the week: Delaney Leber

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Kyle Sanderson says, 'Delaney is a special athlete. She's been with us since her freshman year. She's determined and a great leader.'

Delaney Leber just wrapped up her senior season at Newell and leaves as a highly decorated runner.

Sanderson says 'A lot of coaches and a lot of athletes like to watch Delaney run they always congratulate her and tell her how fun it is to watch her.'

The Irrigator senior runs in some of the more grueling events there are in track

Delaney Leber says, ' I try to stay as loose as I can. The 400 really isn't a sprint but you cant pace yourself either. Its one of my harder races, but the 800 is probably my favorite.'

Why the 800?

Leber says, ' The 8 I seem to succeed the most at, That's probably why it's my favorite.'

Sanderson says, ' You have to be tough to be able to do those types of events. She's a tough kid and to be able to handle those requires both a mixture of speed and endurance she does a great job of using both those skills. she loves those events, but they are grueling.'

Being successful in leading so many of those races comes from the work put in away from the meets.

Sanderson says, ' You know she's very determined, she's always asking what she can do to get better during the season, in the offseason and she's always eager to do that to be successful.'

Tons of success despite being from smalltown USA

Sanderson says, ' She takes great pride in that in being from a small town and being able to compete with the best wherever she goes.

Leber says, ' Many people think since you are from a small town you can't do what other people do. But you can, I believe in that.'

That belief is now being handed down the next generation of Irrigators putting on the cleats

Leber says, ' I love working with the younger kids getting them ready and focused. That's part of being a leader.'

Leading in Cross Country, Track meets and leading in the classroom as Leber was the valedictorian of her class.

Sanderson says, ' The kind of leader you want. She's soft-spoken but when she speaks people listen and one that will lead by example.'

Congratulations to Delaney Leber on being this Week's athlete of the week. For Black Hills Fox Sports, I'm Jeff Voss.