Athlete of the week: Dante Colicheski

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Travis King says, " You know Dante he's kind of a Doberman if you'd call him that. As a wrestler he's got a lot of the quickness, strength, he's also got the leverage. He's got all the attributes it takes to be successful."

And it was that Doberman fight that made Dante Colicheski the top dog at the Rapid City Invitational this past weekend.

Dante Colicheski says, " That one's one of our bigger tournaments so I was pretty pumped about it. "

But Colicheski wasn't always the guy with the biggest bite

King says, " This is our third year together also had him in the middle school coming forward prior to meeting up here. And Dante just had to convince himself that he had to work harder and practice to get better and then the wheels quit spinning and started making fast gains and he really hasn't stopped that yet."

Dante has also grown as a wrestler to which he credits seeing the upper class men in the program

Colicheski says, " When I started out I wasn't too good and 8th grade year coming up watching some of those seniors that's what I was striving to be like. And now that I'm a senior I feel like I'm getting there."

Now being one of those seniors Colicheski is hoping to pass on the tradition on Stevens wrestling to the next generation of Raiders.

Colicheski says, " Our team morale we're really a tight knit group of guys, our seniors. We're family."

Colicheski has come from being an untrained pup to the Alpha on the mat but he isn't ready to settle for just winning a tournament early in the wrestling season, he has his sights sets on a goal that he fell short of achieving last year.

Colicheski says, " Taking second last year. I was there and that pushed me a lot this year. So we're grinding hard this year. I want it. "

King says, " I know he's still a little biter, a little sour taste in his mouth. He got into the state championships last year with a great season and great run at the end. I think getting that in that's going to be the thing that helps motivate him everyday to get over that hurdle."

Congratulations to Dante Colicheski on being this week's Powerade athlete of the week.

For Black Hills Fox Sports. I'm Jeff Voss