Athlete of the week: Connor King

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The Stevens boys basketball team has the rest of Class AA looking up to them. And Senior Connor King is the shortest of those Raiders getting those looks.

Chris Stoebner says, ' He's hard nosed obviouly he's not a big kid, but he's a competitor and he will run through a wall for his teammates and as a coach you love seeing that from your point guard. He's just a tough kid and will do what is asked of him.'

King is the point guard for the Raiders and with being the point man comes the responsibility of being the man.

King says, ' As a senior, I'm just trying to be a leader and just help all of the players play together as a unit.'

And those leadership skills have been handed down to King through the Raider program.

King says, ' Seniors through the last couple of years have really shown me how to be a leader. I've just looked up to them when I was younger, and they've just shown me how to lead as a player.'

and King has his own legacy he would like to hand down to upcoming Raiders.

King says, " Just stay composed. Just be respectful to your coaches, refs, and eachother.'

Stoebner says, ' We've got kids looking up to him. we're pretty senior led right now that will change after this year, but if kids can see how they are leading this year that can lead into next year.'

But that leadership still burns a fire deep inside King.

Stoebner says ' He's a competitor, he's emotional, sometimes I have to corral him a little. But he's been pretty steady all year long and as a coach I know what I'm going to get out of him, and you love that as a coach.'

and that being steady is preached by Stoebner who preaches to his team to stay even keel.

King says, ' Coach phrases that a lot. Even Keel one of his saying and we just like to stick by that and just stay even throughout the game.'

King also stays even keel on the stat sheet for the raiders.

Stoebner says, ' Hes running the point guard spot. But he's also been scoring for us lately because we've needed that and he can do that. He will score when he needs to but he will also distribute when he needs to, which truly is the sign of a great point guard.'

King is listed at 5'8" but that doesn't begin to measure his heart and won't make him back down to anyone he matches up against for the Raiders the rest of this year.

Stoebner says, ' He's been guarding bigger guys his whole career, and he's tough and it takes toughness not only physical toughness but mental toughness and he's got it.'

Congratulations to Connor King on being this week's athlete of the week.

For Black Hills Fox Sports. I'm Jeff Voss