Athlete of the week: Aislinn Duffy

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The Saint Thomas More girls basketball team is known for their dominance on the court, but there is one other thing that they are know for.

Aislinn Duffy says, ' Its really great obviously to be a part of the Duffy name I think its a lot to live up to, my siblings have set some pretty high expectations and I'm glad to follow what they've laid for me.

Brandon Kandolin says, 'Certainly with the family she has, and position she's in she has lots of basketball in her blood.

Caitlin, Moira, Ciara have left their mark on the STM program, and now its Aislinn Duffy's turn.

Kandolin says, ' For many years now Aislinn has been a very solid player.'

And when teams try to find their match ups against STM they pencil in on that familiar Duffy name.

Kandolin says, ' A lot of how are we going to stop her. She's got the ability to play inside thy physical strength is incredible, but her ability to step out and shoot is a thing that makes her very versatile.'

But its not just on the court where Aislynn is a leader

Kandolin says, ' She's been consistent day in day out she's been there. In the summer she is pushing girls to get in the gym. She does a lot of those behind the scenes types of things that help us be successful.'

And its that success at STM that Duffy is looking to teach the underclassmen.

Duffy says, " I think just the mentality of hard work, that nothing is given to you.'

Kandolin says, ' That type of leadership, that type of dedication is a huge influence on the younger girls.'

And with the sweet 16 looming Duffy knows its time for the Cavaliers to forget those 3 regular season loses.

Duffy says, ' Been a gut check for us, its helped us realize that nothing is handed to us we're still going to have to work hard and hopefully come out on top.'

That hard work mentality has served the Duffy sisters through their time at STM and will continue to help Aislinn not only in her time at STM but those years beyond it.

Kandolin says, ' That has what's got her where she is going, the leadership skills that she has the self determination, the work ethic. All those things wrapped up has built quite a resume for her and certainty helped her become very successful That has translated over, and it will help her greatly when she moves on to the next level.'

Congratulations to Aislinn Duffy on being this week's athlete of the week. For Black Hills Fox Sports, I'm Jeff Voss