Athlete of the week: Ainsleigh Scott

Published: Sep. 18, 2019 at 7:43 PM MDT
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"It is awesome, everyone always tells me that tennis is a life sport. I'm like it is exactly a life sport and that is what is awesome about it."

Ainsleigh Scott loves the game of tennis a sport that she picked up on her own over a summer.

"We didn't have a babysitter over the summer so I started a program at Arrowhead for tennis. And I realized I loved the sport and I get to hang out with my friends and I get to hit tennis balls as hard as I want."

Scott has been hitting tennis balls for the Cavs well before she walked the halls of STM

" You know I've worked with Ainsleigh since she was in 7th grade and I feel like she has really developed as a wonderful player of tennis,"

Now a senior, Scott knows how she wants to be seen by her underclassman teammates.

" I want to be an approachable leader and I want tennis to be fun, and I have an intense love for this sport and as many people that can play this sport are amazing to me. I'm happy to see every one of them out there playing tennis and leading them into being well rounded young adults."

It's not only off the court where Scott is a leader for her team

" Ainsleigh always commits to giving 100% all the time and I think over the years that commitment to be the best to play her best and actually continuing to improve has helped her maintain her playing level ability."

Singles aren't the only way that the Cavs senior has success for her team

"My partner, Vannesa Wittenberg I've played with her since I started that program. We know each other's game and we are able to talk together about those tactical differences in our matches."

Those sentiments are echoed by their coach

" I started those two together when they were in 8th grade. Part of having a good doubles team is learning that communication and each other works."

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