Athlete of the week: Savanna Dunwoody

Published: May. 1, 2019 at 7:31 PM MDT
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The Northern Hills has a young and talented athlete who is ready to show off her skills to the rest of the nation in the sport she loves, gymnastics

Savanna Dunwoody says, " Its really really fun and it makes me really happy and takes my mind off a lot of things."

Savanna Dunwoody is gearing up to compete in the Junior Olympic Nationals in Indianapolis on May 18th

Chris Summers says, " Savanna is just a dynamic gymnast. She's got it all as far as it goes. She has a great attitude she works hard, she is super strong she will do anything you ask her to do.'

To qualify the Junior Olympics Dunwoody had to move up to level 10 when she started last at level 8

Summers says, " It was just a huge surprise and a huge attribute to how hard she works"

Dunwoody says, " It was really. I was just really surprised and shocked. It just made me really happy."

While the young gymnast may be short in stature her favorite event to perform leaves her high in the air

Dunwoody says, " I like vault. I like being in the air and flying through the air and it fits me because I'm a powerhouse."

Summers says, " but to watch the power she gets over the vault and her ability to twist and how far she has come from last year has been an amazing journey."

Savanna also looks up to another powerful Olympian

Dunwoody says, " I really like Simone Biles a lot because she is short like me and a powerhouse."

Savanna isn't just a fan she also studies the routines and has big dreams.

Dunwoody says, " Sometimes I try to watch and see if I can find deductions and its fun to watch and to think I could be there someday it would be really cool."

While Dunwoody will be competing against some girl who are 3 years older than her, she won't be intimidated and is excited for new life goals outside of the sport she loves.

Dunwoody says, " meeting the new people and being in new surroundings and just cheering on other teammates."

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