Athlete of the week: Riley Freeland

Published: Nov. 14, 2018 at 7:26 PM MST
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Rapid City Christian is entering the state volleyball tournament as the 8th seed after pulling all a big upset in the round of 16

Me' What was it like to be Saint Thomas More

Riley Freeland ' Oh my goodness that was so much fun. Glory to God that was so amazing. We just worked together as a team and we found their weaknesses. And we capitalized on that. It was so much fun and to get that it was amazing.'

Jessie Cantrell says, ' It was really good. It was really good. Going in number three and upsetting number 1. Was a really good moment for my team.'

Riley Freeland is the setter for her team and with that role becomes a big responsibility

Cantrell says, ' Every setter is the leader of the team. The setter is comparable to the quarterback in football. Riley does an excellent job leading our team.

Freeland says, ' It's an honor, I love it. These girls are so amazing and they're so positive and they take every correction so well. It is really easy to be the quarterback for this team.'

Like any great leader, Freeland shares the credit with those around her

Freeland says, ' These girls are amazing. They know what they want and how they want it. They are so good at telling me what they want differently and its just such an honor to be here.'

The setter who wears number 1 for the Comets does a little bit of everything to see her team succeed

Cantrell says, ' She is always there for the second ball. She gets saves that are unbelievable. She leaders her team talks to her team communicates with her team.'

It's not only the team the super Sophmore leads, as Freeland leads all 3 classes in aces

Freeland says, 'Every time I go back to serve I'm thinking this is just practice, just keep getting better, keep working harder for that. I don't let it get to my head too much, I don't try to think about it.'

With two years left Freeland and the Comets will look to continue to streak in class A

Freeland says, ' It is exciting we have a lot of sophomores coming and they are all good athletes. Then we have Rebecca Morgan, she is a libero she is amazing.'

Cantrell says, ' It is really great because I will have her for two more years. But to see such leadership, skill, strength, and dedication in such a younger player are so encouraging for me as a coach.'

Congratulations to Riley Freeland on being this week's athlete of the week. Jeff Voss Black Hills Fox Sports>

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