Athlete of the Week: Zach Sumption

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) Baseball is a long season, and to be successful you have to be steady, and be able to do the small things to help your team win. Zach Sumption brings that to Post 22.

Torve says, ' He's incredibly valuable He's an excellent right fielder you want to put your best fielder in right field because it is long throw and odd angles he gets good jumps on balls, he makes all the plays catching it and thrown some guys out in big situations.

Zach Sumption, ' Its been a blast last year I played left field you don't get as many close plays at bases because people don't really run but in right field people like to test the arm and its fun kind of showing it off get a chance to throw them out. Not always you get to do it, I've only done it a few times but it is fun.'

Sumption also has been getting it done at the plate for the Hardhats with his bat coming alive at a crucial part of the season.

Torve says, ' He's had some good at-bats in the regional tournament, so we expect big things out of him in the state tournament.'

Sumption says, ' Try to get something to the right side of the field, my power ally is right center so if I can hit something that way I'm better off getting an extra-base hit and helping the team that way.'

Right Field and the batter's box isn't the only place number 15 contributes.

Torve says, ' And on the mound it's great. He's our 4th or 5th starter which is great because when you get in these tournaments which are 5 days long you get deep into the tournament you need pitching and he's really stepped up on the mound his last 2 or 3 starts. So it's huge it gives our team confidence, especially at the plate knowing Sump is going to go out there and pound the zone we can relax at the plate we can score runs because he is going to do a good job holding the other team down.'

Despite contributing to 3 key areas on the field. Coach Torve knows what Sump brings to the team off the field is his biggest contribution

Torve says, ' He's been a joy to coach. He works hard, he is humble. He's the kind of guy you want, you want 18 of him on your team.

Sumption still has a year of eligibility left at 22 but can also play next year at Des Monies Community College. If Sumption does suit up again for the Hardhats he will help teach up and coming players the tradition that has become 22

Sumption says, ' Just kind of working hard lead by example. You don't have to say much to these kids because they know how special this program is and what we strive to do is greatness.'

Congratulations to Zach Sumption on being this week's athlete of the week

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And Post 22 and Sumption dropped Brookings 12-2 in the first round in Pierre today as Connor King hit a grand slam to end the game in the sixth inning.

Post 22 will face off with a familiar foe in Mitchell on Thursday afternoon.