Athlete of the Week: Vincent VanLiere

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Aaron Roeber says, 'I personally have never seen anything like Vincent.'
Tim Van Liere says, 'The first shot Vince ever hit was airborne and perfect. And, he's been golfing ever since.'

That was when he was three years old. And now he's just eight.

So let's practice your multiplication. What's three times three? Vincent says, 'Nine.' What's four times six? Vincent says, 'Um, that's a little big.'

This May, Vince just finished his second grade school year, and while he may still be learning the ropes of multiplication and division, there's one aspect of math that Vince has had a lot of practice with. It's subtraction.

Vincent says, 'I need this birdie.'

He's a little kid -
What size shoe do you wear? Vincent says, 'Like a three or a four.'
- that plays a big game.

Vincent says, 'I shot a 40 here in the Junior Tour.'
Tim Van Liere says, 'He usually beats me.'

He usually beats a lot of people. His best round, he shot 4-under par.

Aaron Roeber says, 'I think just his knowledge of what to do - from tee to green - all the way through. His knowledge of what to hit, when to hit it and how to hit different shots.'
Vincent says, 'It looks pretty straight, but it could go a little this way maybe.'
Is it tough to learn how to hit out of the sand? Vincent says, 'No not really.'
Tim Van Liere says, 'He's tough to beat.'
Vincent says, 'I always practice before a round of golf.'

Round after round, Vince has kept improving, and this spring he decided to line up his shot toward qualifying for the U.S. Kids World Golf Championship.
Which would send him to the St. Andrews of America... to play the best kids in the world.

Aaron Roeber says, 'We anticipated he had to win five in a row, and also the Tour Championship. And, that would be the only way that he could make it to Pinehurst.'

And he did it.

Tim Van Liere says, 'The day he qualified is the first time I ever cried on the golf course. It was pretty cool. It was a big day.'
Are you nervous about Pinehurst, are you excited? Vincent says, 'No, I'm excited. I'm not nervous.'

In less than a month, this eight-year-old from Rapid City will tee it up in North Carolina at one of the nation's most famous golf courses. Best of luck, Vincent, we look forward to seeing what all you can accomplish. And congratualtions, for being this week's Powerade Athlete of the Week. For Black Hills Fox Sports, I'm Taylor Kauffman.