Athlete of the Week: Trevor Severson

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Trevor says, 'I love the crowd. The crowd's amazing. You get under the Friday night lights, and you're just 'ah, this is awesome.' You get to throw that touchdown pass and everyone loves you. It's nice, I love it.'

Friday nights are special for high school football players. And here in South Dakota, they're all chasing one thing.

Chance says, 'This year we're hoping to go to the dome, always trying to go to the dome.'
Trevor says, 'I know a lot of the guys are expecting the dome this year. I hope that's where we get too, but we've got to take it one game at a time.'

And this season, the Douglas Patriots are led by senior quarterback, Trevor Severson.

Dan Maciejczak says, 'He likes to carry the ball. He really was kind of trying to be a tailback, but we kind of put the role of quarterback on his shoulders last year.'
Trevor says, 'This year I'm a little bit more comfortable. I'm excited.'

He's a multi-sport athlete, which makes him a dangerous weapon for the Patriots.

Chance says, 'Probably his running skills. He's very very quick. He did track, he went to state for it.'
Chance says, 'He ended up taking second in the state for long jump. He got beat out by one guy, but he had to run the 100 right before he did that, so it fatigued him.'
Dan Maciejczak says, 'He was a runner up State champ in long jump, he placed in triple, he's a basketball player and does a great job there. And, for us he's our mobile quarterback, so he can take off and run the ball when needed, and he throws the ball pretty well too.'

And though he may not be an overly vocal leader, he lets his work ethic do the talking.

Dan Maciejczak says, 'He'll get after a couple kids here and there, but he's more the guy that you feel bad because you're not working as hard as he does.'
Trevor says, 'Being the quarterback, and being the center of attention you've got to - a lot of people look up to you, so you've got to be there and you've got to help kids out, help them remember plays.'

In his senior season, Trevor is almost a Swiss army knife for the Patriots, and coach Maciejczak thinks that might turn some heads at the upper level.

Dan Maciejczak says, 'We have three functional quarterbacks this year, so we can take him from quarterback, put him at tailback. He starts for us at corner, he can play safety. He's a multi facet young man and hopefully the colleges will see that.'

But is football in his future?

Trevor says, 'I know a lot of people probably think I should, but I'm more track. Yeah, I think I'm going to go track.'

Either way, he's ready to make an impact on the gridiron this season. Congratulations Trevor Severson for being this week's Powerade Athlete of the Week. For Black Hills FOX Sports, I'm Taylor Kauffman.