Athlete of the Week: Tate Eisenbraun

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Last season, the Wall Eagles were bounced from the 9-B playoffs in the quarterfinal round.
Thursday, this week's Athlete of the Week hopes to help the Eagles soar into the high school football semifinals.

Lex says, 'When Tate gets on the field we know things are going to go well. Whether it's defense or offense, he plays both ways, he's our kicker.'

Tate Eisenbraun is a fundamental part of the Wall football team.

Jacob says, 'Oh he's our biggest man on the team, so we rely on him a lot getting through the line. He's a big key piece to our offense and defense.'

Lex says, 'Guys really excel when he's on the field, and things just get turnt up a little bit.'

Some would say, he's like a father figure.

Jacob says, 'Yeah, he's been keeping all of us on task, and making sure we do the right thing, and he's basically the dad on the team. He's the family guy.'
Jacob says, 'Everyone calls him dad around here, because he has the facial hair and dad bod.'

Tate says, 'They always say that because of my beard of course, and they kind of do whatever I say. It's kind of the joke we've been having all year.'

He's a big part of the Eagles offense, but he may make a bigger impact on the other side of the ball.

Tate says, 'I really enjoy defense.'
Lex says, 'He's just one of those guys that people run away from, so whatever side he's on teams don't really like to run his way.'
Jacob says, 'Yeah, he's definitely a scary guy to look in the eye and run towards.'
Tate says, 'Scared of the beard I'm sure, I don't know.'
Tate says, 'It's just something I've always had, and I'm thinking I might turn it into a playoff beard.'

The Wall Eagles are undefeated heading into tomorrow's playoff game, and as a senior, there's only one way Tate wants to finish the season.

Tate says, 'I want to go all the way of course. That's our main goal, that's what it's been all season.'

Good luck to the Wall Eagles, and congratulations to Tate Eisenbraun for being this week's Powerade Athlete of the Week. For Black Hills FOX Sports, I'm Taylor Kauffman.>