Athlete of the Week: Sarra Gutknecht

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Mark says, 'Well no one works harder than Sarra.'
Meaghan says, 'I think she's very vocal, which I think is very important. And when you're a center D in that position, she's vocal out on the field.'

Sarra Gutknecht is a senior on the Central soccer team.

Mark says, 'She was an easy choice for captain this year.'

With last years State Championship under her belt, she's helping lead the Cobblers through her final high school season.

Mark says, 'She was a huge addition to what we called our 'brick wall' last year - allowing only eight goals the entire season.'
Sarra says, 'That game was so exciting. There was a point where we knew we were going to win when it got to the last three minutes and we were a couple goals up. It just got so exciting when you felt that and you're like oh my gosh, I did it, because people dream of things like that, but it never actually happens, so it was really exciting to feel that.'

Soccer isn't really a contact sport, but Sarra has managed to get hurt a couple of times over the years.

Mark says, 'Sarra was unfortunate enough to take a ball in the face both last year and this year - broken noses both times - so she pretty much plays with a clear plastic mask all the time.'

But that doesn't keep her away from the field.

Mark says, 'She'll put pressure in front of anybody, it doesn't matter their size, or their speed, she can hold an attacking player very well.'
Meaghan says, 'She's just such a positive influence out on the field. She's just always a delight to play with.'

And she's continuing her soccer career at the collegiate level.

Sarra says, 'I'm actually going to to go Newman University, it's in Wichita, Kansas.'
Meaghan says, 'I think she'll do great. I mean with her attitude I think she'll do great at Newman. I think she'll have a great year.'

Congratulations Sarra for being this week's Athlete of the Week. For Black Hills Fox Sports, I'm Taylor Kauffman.