Athlete of the Week: Rayna Turley

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The Rapid City Christian volleyball team's season came to an abrupt end Tuesday night at the hands of the Miller Rustlers, but if not for this week's Athlete of the Week, they may not have gotten that far in the first place.
Coach Barber says, 'Young team. We lost a lot of seniors last year. And they have worked hard and are doing really well.'
Not usually a recipe for success. But in stepped Rayna Turley, who saw it as an opportunity, and Coach Jadee Barber says Turley took full advantage of it.
Coach Barber says, 'Just great leadership in the fact that she's come alongside them and been patient with them, and not got frustrated when she feels like things should advance faster.'
For teammate Rebecca Morgan, Turley's patience has been the key.
Libero Rebecca Morgan says, 'Rayna's a crazy person. She's so fun to have on our team. She's always lifting everyone up. You can always count on her. She's a great leader. Just an amazing person.'
An amazing person who marches to the beat of her own drum.
Turley says, 'The leaders ahead of me were awesome. I kind of took after them. But also, I'm my own person. And I like to lead them in a different way. I like to push them harder. You know, hustle. Run. Don't give up, no matter what.'
Barber says, 'I think a sense of calmness to the team. She doesn't get rattled very easy. She smiles a lot. So she brings a calm, yet confident atmosphere to this group.'
And while the season ended much sooner than they were hoping, Turley leaves behind a lasting legacy.
Morgan says, 'She wants to win. She never gives up. She has grit.'
Barber says, 'I think, as they look back on her I think they'll remember her determination to succeed.'>