Athlete of the Week: Loralee Stock

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RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) Jordan Proefrock says, ' Her and I have had a good relationship for four years. I can get on her and I do and she responds well, she is very coachable. She's been a team leader and has improved all four years of high school'

Like many High School students, Loralee Stock spent four-year playing basketball, unlike many Stock was under the bright lights early.

Proefrock says, ' Her first freshman game, she's never played on the C team, never played JV. she started as a freshman,'

Loralee Stock says, ' As a freshman, I was pretty nervous but I still went out there and played and this year I've just completely blossomed.'

Stock is the Point guard for the Scoopers, and she has the ability to rack up the assists by finding her teammates

Proefrock says, ' We got kids right now that are hitting the 3 pointers on the outside, we have post players that are catching and finishing for us. It takes pressure off of her to do what she does,'

As a true point guard, Stock can also rack up the points as she eclipsed the 1000 career point mark, earlier this year in a game against Douglas

Stock says, ' I was relieved really, cause I knew I was so close to it for a while. So it was good to finally get that thousand,'

Proefrock says, 'It was pretty cool. This is my ninth year as the coach. I've never had a player real close, so be able to see her do that and know the time she's put in and to know what it takes to get there is pretty special.'

That time for the senior puts in is down while many of her classmates are still asleep,

Stock says 'The game will give you exactly what you put into it. I knew this year what I really wanted to accomplish I want to work for it.'

Proefrock says, 'I think just the hard work and dedication that she puts in. You see her in here at 6 in the morning shooting, and that's not once or twice, that's consistent.'

The hardwood isn't the only place where Stock excels though,

Proefrock says, ' She's a student-athlete. She's a student before she's an athlete. I joke around that she's doing Calculus before we go into the gym for pre-game, that's just the kind of person she is. It speaks volumes that you can do both and be good at both.'

The work on calculus, equations added to the thousand career points equaled a Stock earning the chance to play at the next level at Colorado Mines.

Proefrock says, ' You know with her it was a little different because she wants to be an engineer. That's what she wants to be so she was limited in her options,'

Off to the D-2 level, to play in the RMAC Stock knows the hard work she has already dedicated herself to has just begun

Stock, ' I know this is easy in High School because college will be way harder. I just know there has to be a balance between school and basketball because they are both so important to me.'

Congratulations to Loralee Stock on being this week's athlete of the week. Jeff Voss, Black Hills Fox Sports.