Athlete of the Week: Kyah Watson

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Kyah Watson has been a big part of the success for the Raider girls. And the Junior has recently announced she has plans on playing at the University of South Dakota next year.

Brooks, You know a young lady being able to go to college and get an education for free, and leave debt. It's amazing it can set you up for life.'

When the staff at USD began looking at Watson they knew they were getting a talented player

Brooks I didn't have to tell them anything. Coach P and her staff can see potential and see when a player can make a difference at their level. For us they just wanted her to be at the next level.

Watson gets every team best shot as being one of the best players in the state, and having that target is something she relishes.

Brooks ' Anytime that there is a target on her back she rises to the occasion, I remember her freshman year against Central and out stands were chanting freshman freshman

A trip over the summer for Watson to Vermillion helped the talented Raider make her choice.

Watson says, ' I really liked the coaching staff and team there. I felt comfortable around them, in the summer we went to a camp and they were supportive and told me what they needed me to do.'

While the Summit league awaits Watson, her focus this year is on her current team, and helping mentor the underclassman and carry on the strong tradition that Coach Michael Brooks wants for the Raiders.

Watson, 'on our everyday practices and improving there and worrying about making ourselves better.'

Brooks, ' I think seeing people have the success we're 45-15 in the two and a half year I've been here and every coach will tell you that seeing success breeds success. And I think you see that in our confidence and our young women even with 8th graders wanting to come up and play for our freshman team.'

For the Raiders to close out their season on a high note they will rely on Watson, and one of the key things she brings to the floor every day and the whole team can embody

Its just about effort, and cheering for each other, and loving each other and sharing the ball and pointing at each other when good things happen and having fun.'

Congratulations to Kyah Watson on being this week's athlete of the week. Jeff Voss Black Hills Fox sports.