Athlete of the Week: Joel Carpenter

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Chris says, 'His biggest strength's got to be his hit power, his explosion.'
Carpenter says, 'By the fourth quarter I feel like I can go another game.'

Joel Carpenter is a senior on the Sturgis Scooper football team.

Carpenter says, 'I've always loved football. I've always loved watching it as a kid, always wanted to play it, and then when I got the opportunity to play it I just fell in love.'

That love for the game has only gotten stronger with every Friday night.

Carpenter says, 'It just gives me chills seeing the fans out there just packing the stands.'

When he's not making tackles on the gridiron, he's pinning people on the wrestling mat.

Chris says, 'He really can - tackling wise, creating turnovers, getting off the line on the ball on the offense, that's definitely where his leverage is his best bet, and that comes from his wrestling backround.'

He's a big presence when he steps out on the field.

Fleming says, 'The football camps we go to, everybody's just around him trying to talk to him, give him high-fives and all of that stuff. He's definitely like the famous guy on our team I'd say.'
Chris says, 'His ability to bring the younger guys along that we have on the O-line is something that's invaluable. He's basically a coach out there for us.'

And he's a big body on the line.

Chris says, 'He's gotten a lot stronger out here for us this year. It was probably the first year that he really bought into the weight room and hit it hard and really saw the results.'
Carpenter says, 'I'm lifting every day. When I'm not lifting I'm doing agility work, so every day I get a workout in.'
Fleming says, 'Yeah, he's a big boy, so definitely, he's a presence on the field, so it's great to have him on the team.'

Sturgis Brown had a winless season last year, but Carpenter is using that as motivation for his senior season.

Carpenter says, 'I want my class to be the class that turned around Sturgis football, so we can go back to games and be like, 'they're winning because we set an example.'

Joel and the Scoopers kick off this season against Belle Fourche on August 26th. Congratulations to Joel Carpenter for being this week's Powerade Athlete of the Week. For Black Hills Fox Sports, I'm Taylor Kauffman.