Athlete of the Week: Jessica Peterson

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The Saint Thomas More volleyball club got off to a slower start to the season, but have caught fire of late, riding a five-game win streak coming into this week.
And for this week's Athlete of the Week, her strengths on the court usually begin in the rodeo arena.

Serena says, 'She comes out and controls her side of the court. She has that very stern face and she's ready to play.'

Jessica Peterson is an outside hitter on the St. Thomas More volleyball team.

Jessica says, 'I love volleyball so much. It's a really fun sport, it's really intense and fast-paced. That's what I love about it.'

Amelya says, 'This past season our coach asked what was our favorite thing about winning and why we want to win, and Jessica was just like, 'to beat the other team.' So, she says a lot of stuff really bluntly, but it makes sense. She's just a comic relief for our team.'

She likes to have fun, but like most athletes, competition comes first.

Jessica says, 'I would say that my strongest skill in volleyball is that I'm really aggressive with all the balls I take. I always try to swing as hard as I can to put the ball down.'
Serena says, 'When she makes a mistake she's like, 'coach, I'm sorry.' Volleyball is a game of mistakes, and she's one that always gives it 150 percent no matter what.'

Her competitive backround may come from her strong roots in rodeo.

Jessica says, 'I love rodeo with all my heart. I've been doing it since I was about four years old.'
Amelya says, 'I've never seen her, but I've heard she's really good.'

This year she took two events to the South Dakota State Finals rodeo.

Jessica says, 'I really love the competition aspect of it. Seeing as it is an individual sport instead of a team sport, I'm really in control of the outcome of it, and I get to work at it myself.'

No matter what sport she's competing in, Jessica does it well.
And as a senior on the Cavalier volleyball team she has experience that the younger girls look up to.

Serena says, 'She's one of our players that has played volleyball for the last four years, and a lot of them haven't, and they look up to her and idolize her as a senior. You can tell that she has accepted that role, and has stepped up to that leadership role and showed them, 'ok, I mean business when I step onto the court.''

Congratulations to Jessica Peterson for being this week's Powerade Athlete of the Week.>