Athlete of the Week: Jake Larson

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Sullivan says, 'When Jake started here he came to me and said, 'I want to be a starter for you, and I want to make a difference,' and I think one of the things he did was he worked hard enough to make that difference. So, hopefully this coming Friday we'll see how it pans out.'

Jake Larson will be a key part of St. Thomas More's game plan this Friday, when the Cavaliers take on Dakota Valley for a chance at making it to the Dome.

Jake says, 'I'm a pretty good outside backer I guess. And I fill my gaps, and I shed my blocks.'
Stone says, 'I think he's a good role model, like with how he is on defense. They just want to play like how he does.'

Playing like Jake means playing both sides of the football.

Sullivan says, 'He really did this summer he worked very very hard and put on about 15-20 pounds, got bigger, faster, stronger. And that showed this year, he's taken a bulk of all of our carries.'
Sullivan says, 'He'll be the first to tell you his line has done a great job for him this year, and he's really kind of gelled our offense together.'

He's the older kid that the underclassmen look up to.

Sullivan says, 'When he came back in in August, and kind of just changed his whole body, and I think when the young guys see that they know they can do the same thing.'
Stone says, 'Every time he gets a big hit he hypes us all up. Being like a big brother for them, and helping them all out when they need it.'

And as a senior, this Friday could potentially be his last game in a Cavalier uniform.

Jake says, 'Putting the pads on and playing in front of my school and friends, because I know everyone here and it's a really fun time and I'm going to miss it.'

But it may not be his last time playing football.

Jake says, 'I'm looking at playing college football if it works out for me and schooling, and if I have a way to pay for school then I'll do it.'
Stone says, 'I could see him playing next level because of his size and speed, and just his effort to play at the next level.'
Sullivan says, 'I think he's a quality athlete that can go to the next level. We probably have four or five on this team, and he's one of them.'

Good luck to the Cavaliers this week, and congratulations to Jake Larson for being this week's Athlete of the Week. For Black Hills FOX Sports, I'm Taylor Kauffman.