Athlete of the Week: Jackson Wilson

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Rapid City, SD (KEVN) Pete Melendez says, "Jackson, I wish I had 10 of him. He is very dedicated he knows what he wants and he knows how to get there."

Where Jackson Wilson wants to be on top of the podium in both the 16 and 32 hundred, to do that he knows he will have to run with some East River Patriots

Jackson Wilson says, " I know I will have to stay with the Sioux Falls Lincoln kids, they are quick and good competition.

While running races that focus on pace, for the Douglas senior, the races go by a lot faster than that.

Wilson says, " Honestly, it is kind of a blur until the last few laps I guess."

The weather this year hasn't cooperated and made this track season difficult

Wilson says, "Its been hard not getting out and competing as much this year and trying to get your times down has been way harder."

Melendez says, " I can see they got dressed today to go out and run and that's probably due to him, he would rather go outdoors and run no matter the weather."

The weather may have limited the number of meets for Wilson to compete in, the senior still came to practice every day and was a leader for his team.

Melendez says, " Not a very local. But this is what I'm going to do, you need to go with me, kind of thing."

For Jackson, recruiters from Rocky Mountain will be watching him see if he can set a personal best

Melendez says, " Has basically said if you can turn in a 4:20 we will give you a full ride. So that's his goal. (