Athlete of the Week: Haleigh Timmer

Published: Mar. 20, 2019 at 7:24 PM MDT
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Brandon Kandolin says "Haleigh is going to be right up there with some of the best, you think of the Duffy's the level they are at and also Ashlin Moira. Dru Gylten, Klaire Kirsch"

Those are just some of the names that Haleigh Timmer has learned from, she is now taking that knowledge and passing it on to her teammates.

Haleigh Timmer says, ' I think mainly just leadership skills. How to get a team disciplined and how to lead a team.'

Timmer is an all-around athlete at STM where she excels in many sports.

Kandolin " An All-American cross county runner. she's fantastic at track. She's played soccer and she was very good at. she's played volleyball now, she's really good at volleyball."

Timmer's favorite sport?

Timmer says, ' Basketball is my favorite.'

The Sophomore explains why she loves the hardwood

Timmer says, ' I just love the sport. I love the satisfaction you get from working hard and putting the ball in the hoop and getting a stop on defense. It is just an awesome sport."

Being involved in many sports will suit the young Timmer when she moves on from STM

Kandolin says, 'Especially at that next level if you are looking at college they want to know you know how to compete. You're not isolated to one sport.'

Timmer takes lessons from her other high school sports and uses them to adapt.

Timmer says, ' Being a part of track helps me with my mentality. I get so nervous in track that when I get on the basketball floor that no matter what the pressure is, it's like nothing. Being a part of volleyball helps with my athleticism."

As timmer now shifts from looking up to the STM greats to now being one of them the talented underclassman knowns how special it is.

Timmer says, " I don't think people realize how cool it really is. So when I really think about it I just try to enjoy every experience because not every person gets to experience these things.

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