Athlete of the Week: Erica Wing

Jason Olson says, "Oh, I just wanted her to win so badly. When a kid works that hard and puts in that kind of time you just feel how deservedly they are."


Erica Wing captured the flight 6 state championship after dropping her first match of the tournament

Olson says, ' And at the state tournament she played her best tennis, mentally she was the best she's been.'

Erica Wing says, "When I play sometimes I get in my head and I don't play as well as I should.'

After fighting back Wing played a thriller of a game to bring home the championship

Olson says 'and for her to be down 4-0 in the third set tiebreaker then get up 6-4 the back to 6-6 and come up and hit two big shots.'

Big shots have been a key to the season for Wing

Olson says, ' Erica has hit big shot after big shot all year. at the RC invite, she had a match point against her and hit a huge shot to save the match '

After her last big shot of the year Wing was a champion

Wing says, 'A relief honestly. It was a big weight lifted off my shoulder cause I didn't know if I would have to keep going or not. So just that final point to shake hands and say I won that was an amazing feeling.'

Now next year the Stevens junior will have a target on her back.

Wing says, ' I think it will be a little difficult to come back and live up to that. But it will be a little more challenging.

Olson says, ' You know it's just like anybody and she responds to it and realizes we don't put pressure on individuals we put it on the team. She knows she has teammates that have her back and she will be a captain next year being a leader out here for us and we are looking forward to seeing what she can do.

And what Wing is going to do, is what she does best. Work hard

Wing 'Pretty much everything can always use improvement. So hopefully I can just get out there and become a better player all around.'

Olson ' Erica put in so much time and she is a two-time state champion. And that is all due to her work ethic. She leads by example and I'm going to use her example to hopefully motivate some of these kids to work harder and get better in the offseason.'

Congratulations to Erica Wing on being this week's athlete of the week. Jeff Voss Black Hills Fox Sports.