Athlete of the Week: Cooper Bowman

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The position of shortstop is one of the most athletic on the baseball diamond. And few programs have churned out as talented shortstops as the Post 22 program.
This week's Athlete of the Week is no exception.

And Cooper Bowman is doing it in the most high profile position on the field....
Cooper Bowman says, 'There's a lot of good people who came before me, I try to follow them a little bit what they did, like Mark Ellis and Tanner Simons.'
With the most high profile number on the roster...
Bowman says, 'I wouldn't say pressure. I just think it's more excitement. And, like, I'm honored to wear it. I think it's cool to wear number 22 here.'
Post 22 shortstops have a rich history.
Messer says, 'We've had a long line of really good shortstops in this program. And, you know, Cooper's a good shortstop, and where he's going to be remembered, I don't know. He still has another year or two left with this program.'
From Major Leaguer Mark Ellis to Tanner Simons, Bowman has had his sights set on joining those ranks.

Jack Sorensen says, 'I think he always wanted to be a shortstop. When we were on the little league team at Canyon Lake, he was our starting shortstop, and he was a great guy at short.'
Even taking some of his cues from Simons himself.
Sorensen says, 'He even got to play with him for a year, and he got to see how he played out there and he kind of modeled himself, I guess.'
And Bowman earns it every day.
Sorensen says, 'Him and Timmy Paris are the two hardest workers on this team, by far. I just see that they carry on the legacy. They embrace what this program is about, and they love it.'
That hard work is definitely paying off at the plate this year.
Messer says, 'Really at a pretty young age, we knew he was going to be a pretty special defender for us, and the question was whether or not he was going to hit.'
Following the Firecracker tournament, Bowman is hitting .429 for the season.
Bowman, 'I'm just trying to see the ball well. I'm not trying to do too much. Drive in runs, score guys in front of me. Everyone gets on. I'm just trying to make us win.'
And that's a testament to his work ethic, permeating through the dugout.
Sorensen says, 'I know especially me. He's helped me to be a harder worker, for sure. It's really helped me a lot.'
Messer says, 'And if Cooper is willing to put in the work that he has so far, sky's the limit.'>