Athlete of the Week: Connor Pruss

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Pete says, 'Kind of a role model for a lot of the kids. A lot of the younger kids really look up to him because of his leadership.'

Connor Pruss is a senior on the St. Thomas More soccer team.

Spencer says, 'He's a really vocal leader. He's really good at uplifting and keeping the team positive.'

As a vocal leader, one of the things you can always count on hearing from him.

Spencer says, 'You should have passed it to me.'
Pete says, 'It's a friendly rivalry if you will.'
Connor says, 'Spencer and I have always been close in the running for goal count, and it's always fun to compete. When he takes one and makes a goal I always give him a hard time by saying, 'you should have kept it even and passed to me.''
Pete says, 'That's absolutely right, yup, we actually hear that quite a bit between the two of them. It's fun to have them on the team.'

And that energy spreads to the rest of the team.

Pete says, 'Yeah, those two I tell you what, when they're not making each other laugh they've got the whole team rolling.'
Connor says, 'We have a blast. Especially when we get going and score a couple goals. The adrenaline gets going and we have a fun time.'

Connor is a big piece on the Cavaliers offense, but his role on the team goes beyond scoring goals.

Pete says, 'As a player he's very determined, he always has been. I've been coaching him for quite some time now. And, it's just this year that he's really come out of his shell, and it's really showed the way he's kind of led the team. We just made him one of our captains.'
Spencer says, 'He's an inspiration, really. I've been in the program for awhile, and scoring goals, staying positive, being a role model and helping out the younger guys, talking to the coach, talking to the school and making sure everything is flowing well.'

This Saturday the Cavaliers will go East River, taking on Tea Area in the State Championship. And for Connor, winning a title his senior season would be something special.

Connor says, 'As a senior it would be awesome. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. It'd be awesome.'

Best of luck to the Cavaliers on Saturday, and congratulations to Connor Pruss for being this week's Powerade Athlete of the Week. For Black Hills FOX Sports, I'm Taylor Kauffman.