Athlete of the Week: Connor Burgess

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Your center fielder, Connor Burgess.
Connor says, 'Yeah, it gets your mind off of everything else, like the world around you. It's just fun playing with your friends.'

Connor Burgess is a senior for the Post 320 Stars.

Seth says, 'Connor, he's a goofy kid. I love Connor to death.'
Seth says, 'He's that kid, when you're in the dugout you just want to be next to him cheering along.'
Connor says, 'I like to talk, I like to be loud, a little rowdy. Some of it doesn't make any sense. It's a little rowdy, but I like to bring teammates up.'
For the last couple years he was filling the hole at third base.

Paul says, 'He goes out and competes every day, gives it everything he has.'
Seth says, 'I like the way he plays. He's a really good player. He's really hard, he likes to work hard.'

But, this season he's in the outfield.

Connor says, 'I think just covering the out field. I'm a center fielder, so, covering the gaps, making sure nothing gets past the wall, and just helping my pitchers out. They'll do the pitching and I'll make the plays.'
Seth says, 'He's got an arm. Connor's got a strong arm. He can gun people out from center field. It's pretty crazy how strong his arm is.'
Paul says, 'He does have a great arm.'

Paul says, 'You don't see a lot of guys with his body type that has that type of arm.'

Next year, Connor is taking his talents to the next level, suiting up for Bismark State.

Paul says, 'I'm very proud of him. I was really excited that they're going to Bismark State, him and Seth.'
Connor says, 'Just excited for the experience I guess. College baseball, you know at the collegiate level will be fun. It's a two year college, so we'll see what happens. Maybe I'll go somewhere else, hopefully.'
Paul says, 'He's put in the work, so to see him get rewarded and be able to play at the collegiate level is special.'

Congratulations to Connor Burgess for being this week's Powerade Athlete of the Week. For Black Hills Fox Sports, I'm Taylor Kauffman.